DANILO BRITO – Tickets – Yoshi’s Oakland – Oakland, CA – April 2nd, 2019



Tue 4.2

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Yoshi's Oakland

Oakland, CA


Danilo Brito
Danilo Brito
Danilo Brito is a Brazilian mandolinist and composer, whose music importance lies on his unique soloist skills and the widely recognized representation of Brazilian Instrumental music.

Soon after he was born, Danilo started playing by ear, listening to his Dad’s old LPs and then playing at traditional jams in São Paulo. He became a self-taught musician by listening and researching.

By the time he was 13, he had recorded his first album.

When he was only 19, he was chosen for Brazil’s most prestigious VISA Award for Best Instrumental Player by a panel of some of the most respected composers, performers and maestros. He won the award against 514 competitors, including some of the best instrumental players of the world.

Danilo is a master of Choro, a Brazilian musical genre that combines rhythm, melody, counterpoints and improvisation, demanding considerable technique of its players and composers. It was born in the 1870s, based on Classical European music and influenced by African rythms. Brazilian music became known around the world with Samba and Bossa Nova, but Choro is their precursor. It was the school of revolutionary musicians such as Heitor Villa-Lobos and Antônio Carlos Jobim, and is kept alive today in the interests of youth, in new composers and phenomenal players. It can be said that Choro is to Brazil what jazz is to the United States.

With his own interpretative style, virtuosity and musical creativity, Danilo has become one of the most versatile instrumental players in Brazil, capable of uniting a varied audience of listeners and critics, attracting them from all over the world.

Brito, 28, has four albums recorded. In Brazil, he appears in concerts in large theatres and festivals, and teaches in workshops at universities and conservatories. He also has a career as a teacher and soloist abroad. Countries he has played include the USA, Spain, India, and Israel among others.

In 2008, he established his own label and production company Orpheu Music, developing a consistent musical style in the albums the company produces.

He is currently working in his new album, dedicated to his own compositions.

Among many evaluations of his work, these stand out:

“I believe Danilo Brito is a miracle. If God played the mandolin, it would sound like him.” - Guinga in ESPN Brasil.

“Danilo plays true to tradition, but has the style of the 21st century.” - Sérgio Prata in O Estado de São Paulo.

“In spite of being so young, Danilo Brito conquered the respect not only of contemporary musicians but also of the Old School ones. Nowadays, he is the soloist that most looks like Jacob do Bandolim’s style, in the way he sounds and in the attitude.” - O Estado de São Paulo

“One of the greatest contemporary instrument players: Danilo Brito. At only 24 years old, Danilo has already the experience of the veterans with three albums and lots of concerts in Brazil and abroad.” - Jornal Brasil Atual

“Brito displays amazing touch, fluidity and style without ever losing his musical soul. Sussuarana races through a sublime melody backed by accordion, that sounds like the music of Django Reinhardt might have created had he grown up in Rio.” – David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine

“Somebody could ever imagine a mandolinist that was the perfect composition of Jacob do Bandolim’s sensitivity and technique and Luperce’s attack? This mandolin player is Danilo Brito, so young and already one of the best mandolin palyers of History.” - Luis Nassif Online

“Danilo amazed since the first stage, everytime been considered one of the favorites. The first piece executed by the young mandolin player, that has many cheerers in the audience, was É Do Que Há, a piece by the clarinetist Luís Americano. In his secund piece performance, Choro da Saudade, of the great Paraguayan composer Augustin Barrios, technical problems cut off the sound, what made the audience claim for the music to be repeated. Fixed the problem, Brito repeated the performance and was acclaimed by the audience, that standed up to applaud. The audience came even more excited with the piece he had chosen to close the night, o choro Picadinho à Baiana, of the mandolin player Luperce Miranda. “ - Lauro Lisboa, O Estado de São Paulo, Brasil about the Visa Award of Brazilian Music
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