SISTERS OF SOUL 9 – Tickets – Yoshi’s Oakland – Oakland, CA – July 27th, 2017


Hosted by RyanNicole


Thu 7.27

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Yoshi's Oakland

Oakland, CA


Sisters Of Soul
Sisters Of Soul
Diva's On The Rise


Hosted by RyanNicole
Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Yoshi's Oakland

Oakland, CA

Tickets $23 / All Ages Welcome

Join us for another wonderful rendition of"Sisters of Soul" as we introduce some of the Bay Area's most prominent Soul Diva's on the Rise ; featuring: singer/song writer LAKAI, jazzy soulful sensation Tonya Love Jones, Africa's world music princess Salome Pacific, and special guest performance by Jameela "MIMI" Fluker of 2003 American Idol,
hosted by multi-talented recording artist, M.C.& community arts activist RyanNicole.

S.O.S.9 is guaranteed to deliver trail blazing performances by these 4 amazing women giving birth to a whole new era of Pop, R&B & Soul music, accompanied by Bay Area Music Director Arron Hall.
Produced by Mark T. Elliott of The A-List Musiq Circle -(Your Bay Area's Who's Who Entertainment Network).
Filmed by Anointed Media for Soul Beat T.V.

Miss Lakai
During the mid-1970s, just as American soul music reached its golden age, I entered the world in the City of Angels with a heart for song and a passion to perform. Soul music became a defining passion, when my love for this form first blossomed during early childhood, and was nurtured by my musician father and his fellow performers. Today I am pursuing my calling for music. My broad vocal range and stylistic fluency allows me to flow seamlessly, effortlessly vocalizing across a variety of forms from Gospel, Soul and Rock to Popular Contemporary styles. At the heart of my essence is a desire to share my musical gift with others. Thriving in the moment – whether I’m gracing the stage at Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater or performing in an intimate Bay Area venue – I am energized by the emotional connection with my audience.

MIMI Fluker
Singer/Songwriter Jameela Ahyana Fluker, known affectionately to friends, family, and fans as MiMi was born somewhat into a musical family, being that both her mother and father sang. MiMi started her musical journey as a young girl, with a beautiful voice that had power beyond her years; often entertaining her friends and family. When most girls were playing with Easy Bake Ovens and outside jumping rope, MiMi was indoors penning her first songs. MiMi realized, at an early age, that the style of music she gravitated towards was not the same style of music her friends liked. Although she listened to and enjoyed the music of that time, and was a big fan of mega stars Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Her music life changed when her aunt introduced her to Guns & Roses.
MiMi was opened up to a whole new genre of music and she was hooked

In 2003, MiMi was voted onto American Idol hit the T.V. show and made it to the top 53 singers out of a pool of 70,000 contestants. As the next round began, the competition became more stiff as Mimi had to compete with a talented field of vocalist that included another Bay Area hopeful Latoya London (who went on to the live shows and was a fourth place finalist), Jennifer Hudson (Who went on to win a Grammy,Golden Globe, and an Oscar), and eventual Winner of Season 3, Fantasia Barrino.

When the smoke cleared the judges had to make a decision between 2 huge voices to move on, MiMi and Jennifer Hudson, and although the judges decided Hudson was to move on, MiMi won something just as important; validation. She had competed with some of the best vocalist in the world and won some battles and held her own in others and upon returning home to the Bay Area she was met with much fanfare and media attention, everyone wanted to share in her journey and hear her story.

After the hype died down, MiMi focused herself on becoming a more well-rounded artist/sonwriter/producer; self-teaching herself on a guitar she had been gifted from a friend, MiMi’s songwriting reached another level as she now had the underlying composition to go along with her lyrics. While doing local shows and building a name for herself, MiMi garnered the attention of Bay Area Legend and Grammy Award winning Artist/Producer D’wayne Wiggins (Destinys Child, Tony,Toni,Tone) and began working with D’Wayne on numerous live shows and performances.

Upon working on music with Platinum selling producer Sam Bostic (2Pac,E-40) MiMi met her manager, Golden State Management head honcho, Morchez Frazier, and soon after formed her band "The Grapes" and began performing at more shows and bigger venues. MiMi has opened for a laundry list of great artist from Dwele' to comedian Dave Chappelle whom actually hand picked her to open for him and perform as part of his act in a very rare and impromptu performance in Oakland. "I love her voice and her stage presence," Chappelle later told reporters. "She just blended right in to the show and actually wrote a song to use the 2nd night of my act!" MiMi is currently working on her debut album tentatively titled "Breathe",which is to be released the first quarter of 2017.

Salome Pacific
From lyrics of intimate vulnerability to proud anthems of self-empowerment, singer-songwriter Salome Pacific reveals a rich spectrum of compelling emotions connected to a deep well of expression. Against propulsive rhythms, sparkling tracks and rich orchestral flourishes, she commands the spotlight, delivering fierce vocals with an undeniable commitment of consciousness, awareness and pure soul.

From Africa to the Bay Area, Salome has traversed continents, oceans and cultures to fulfill her artistic destiny. Originally from the Republic of Kenya, she grew up in the church singing in gospel choirs. From this experience, she developed keen instincts for intricate harmonies and captivating melodies. Relocating to Koln, Germany, she entered the professional musical and performance realms, signing to a major agency and recording for Sony Records.In the recording studio, Salome says that she feels at home with the creative flow. ‘Maybe it is because I’m from Africa, but I hear beats. So I always have the rhythms and I sing the melodies to the musicians.’

Now, in this newest phase of her career, Salome has penned a compelling series of songs for her newest recording project. A prolific songwriter, she has no shortage of concepts, lyrics and melodies. ‘Sometimes when I am sleeping at night, the songs just come,’ she says. ‘There are so many songs that I have to finish, but sometimes I don’t like writing songs – they take me to a place that is too vulnerable, and exposes too much. Among her standout tracks is a song titled ‘Beautiful and Strong.’ While the lyrics present a manifesto of strength and resilience, Salome says that the day of recording the song was one of self-doubt. ‘I wondered, ‘How can I sing these lines when I’m not feeling this way?’ But the producer reminded me with my own words, ‘There is nothing you have to prove: you are beautiful and strong.”With music as a passport, her songs reflect the duration and evolution of a journey that mirrors her art. Authentic, evolving and deeply emotional, Salome says that as a creator, ultimately she writes songs for herself. ‘But I want to see if other people feel the same way that I do when they listen. I want them to know who I am and the truth about me. You can’t write songs and create music any other way. It is either genuine or not – because you can’t fake the story of a life.’

Tonya Love Jones is a singer, songwriter, producer and entertainer who enthralls her audience and fans with her passion... which transcends to her music and her performance. She has come full circle with her music, which are her "Love Letters" to the Universe, her fans and her loved ones. It's like Cupid's love story.....You're either the arrow or the target, but in the end love is the victor!

RyanNicole (Host)
When the word music comes to the mind of thoughtful emcee/spoken word artist RyanNicole, it conjures memories of Panasonic h...eadphones too big to fit her ears and vinyl records strewn across the living room floor of her childhood home in Oakland, CA. Raised on a healthy diet of diverse music ranging from Parliament to Flora Purim, Pat Metheney to Queen Latifah, RyanNicole’s approach to music is reverent to say the least.

“To tell the truth, I was always intimidated by the largeness of music; how it could impact a person’s feelings. I often wondered if I had the ability it do the same.” But being brought up in an extended family of seasoned musicians, RyanNicole remained silent and observant for many years until she immersed herself in an outlet for her voice through spoken word.

Coming of age in a time when hip-hop reigned supreme, the genre further refined her appreciation for sharp lyricism. Inspired by female emcees like Lauryn Hill, without denying the prowess of those like Lil Kim, RyanNicole offers a welcomed intelligence to the game.

Feeling/filling a void for voices like hers, RyanNicole uses her experiences in leadership to craft a decadent narrative of self-reliance and accountability. The former scholarship Track & Field champion, pre-law graduate, and current Executive Director of Youth Movement Records, humbly professes simple solutions to rampant ignorance in head-nodable morsels.

The latest mixtape, entitled “Dis’onance: Vol. 1” audibly and metaphorically explores the concept of discord through a pop-culture lens [dissonance (n.) - lack of harmony between persons or things], and bears witness to the eerie attraction we all have to disharmony.

Never easy, yet highly digestible; even tasty: RyanNicole harvests a flavor for every palate, encouraging one to savor her offerings long after she’s left a stage. She is lasting, her words timeless and thick. RyanNicole is an instant classic, reviving artistry and industry in this modern era.
Venue Information:
Yoshi's Oakland
510 Embarcadero West
Oakland, CA, 94607