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July 17, 2014

Led Zeppelin Music Inna Reggae Style featuring Tortelvis

Thursday, July 17

  • 8pm $19 adv, $22 day of show



"They've got two singers. One sings after the reggae style, and the other guy thinks he's Elvis. So when they do things like Black Dog, they kinda, hey hey mama say the way you move, gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove. Then it goes into reggae. It's fantastic"! 
- Robert Plant

Dread Zeppelin members:


Charlie Haj 


Fred Flintstoned



Besides this inarguable endorsement, Dread Zeppelin garnered high accolades from the British and American music press upon their debut and has continue to entertain and amuse audiences for over twenty years. They sound like the Hammer of the Gods, but act so cool that even our tone-deaf friends like them. Oh yeah - Led Zeppelin inna reggae style sung by an Elvis impersonator. You gotta order the extra-large portion!

Since the release in 1990 of their debut cd “Un-Led-Ed” for IRS Records, Dread Zeppelin have continued to play to diehard fans and confused faces in crowds around the world for almost 20 years. While the make-up of the band has gone through a few member changes, the main forces of the band have remained to reveal new and old sounds, and look for a new generation of Led Zeppelin fans and anti-Led Zeppelin fans. Dread may always be considered to most, purely a novelty act. However, some may argue that unlike a number of those acts, the bands longevity is due to their ability to actually play. On their latest release, Bar Coda “, they managed to step back in time with their camp approach they are known for. Tortelvis, has made a career of imitating the vocal style and mannerisms of the late Elvis Presley. However, “the times they are a kinda changin.” While Tortelvis still carries some of the Elvis inflections into his own style, the music seems to be more timeless when not reverting to the use of fat, food or drug references, although their use of weaving many songs and riffs together make for laughs of their own.

Dread Zeppelin's website