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May 18, 2014

'Monsters' Official Album Release

Presented in association with the San Francisco Filipino American Jazz Festival

Alcian Lindo – Vocals
Anthony Anderson - Trumpet
Daniel Casares – Tenor Saxophone
Brian Wolfe – Keyboards
Matteo Croda – Guitar
Jared Baird – Drums
George Lacson - Bass

Sunday May 18, 7pm

  • DAY OF SHOW: $18

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The George Lacson Project is a collective of talented artists and musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area, organized and led by bass player George Lacson. Their sound melds traditional Jazz, Funk, R&B with the innovative and modern influences of today’s contemporary music. Throughout Lacson's career, he has performed with world- renowned artists such as John Lee Hooker Jr. and shared the stage with householdnames like Lenny Kravitz and Z.Z. Top. He has also achieved recording credits on a Grammy nominated album. The George Lacson Project entices listeners’ ears with owerful, inspired music that’s built around a backbone of strong musicianship.

Originally from St. Louis, the talented bassist Lacson is a recognized master of his craft. The George Lacson Project’s music has been described as “funky”, with ever-changing innovative rhythms, well constructed songwriting/arrangements and world-class musicianship. Other members of the collective include Alcian Lindo whose sweet and sensitive vocals round out the band's powerful instrumentals. The group has gained a significant following in the San Francisco Bay Area, largely based on their captivating live performances.

George Lacson is officially releasing his latest EP on May 18th, 2014. It best describes him as both a musician AND composer with influences from several genres to create a unique, yet familiar sound that is all his own. The title signifies all the talent that has joined George on his latest creation including members from Graham Central Station,The John Lee Hooker Jr. Band, organist Wil Blades, and other monsters from the San Francisco Bay Area. One notable track sets a darker, yet powerful tone, to the hit song “Get Lucky” from Daft Punk. Listen to George as he tells his story through the sounds of “Monsters”.

George Lacson's website