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March 20, 2014

Presented by the 29th Jewish Music Festival

“The sound is rock ‘n roll, though Tassa who is a well-known genre jumper, also reaches out to his oriental roots. His compositions mix up sounds into a unique, Tassa-ish blend. Lyrically, he takes listeners on a journey of honesty and self-discovery.” -- The Jerusalem Post

Thursday, Mar 20, 8pm




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Dudu Tassa is a bona fide Israeli rock star: one of the nation’s most beloved singer/songwriters and most-sought-after guitarists. He has released eight albums, produced numerous others, and composed for television and cinema. In this performance, he and his band sing the songs of Tassa’s grandfather and great-uncle, Saleh and Daud. Performing as the Al-Kuwaiti brothers, they were two of the greatest composer-musicians in Baghdad during the first half of the 20th century and acclaimed innovators of modern Iraqi music. They’re still highly esteemed in the Arab world.

Tassa saluted them in his 2011 album “Dudu Tassa and the Al Kuwaitis,” singing their songs in Arabic and Hebrew, and integrating them with Iraqi, Middle Eastern, and Israeli rock music. The album, a top seller in Israel, also features archival materials from the Kuwaitis and singer Faiza Rushdie as well as contributions by contemporary oud and violin master Yair Dalal.
Also a composer, singer and a teacher; Dalal has recorded 12 albums over the past decade, covering varied cultural territory, and authentically representing and fusing  Israeli  and Middle Eastern cultures. Dalal’s family came to Israel from Baghdad; his Iraqi roots are embedded in his music. Dalal will join Tassa and his band – featuring qanun (Middle Eastern zither), violin, cello, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums – on stage at Yoshi’s San Francisco as a special guest.

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