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THE DRAMATICS feat. L.J. Reynolds - 10pm tix available; 8pm SOLD OUT!!!

Oct 18-Oct 19, 2013

Soul music legends with hits "In The Rain," "Whatcha See is Whatcha Get," "Be My Girl," & more!

Friday-Saturday, Oct 18-19

Friday, Oct 18

  • 8pm $38
  • 10pm $32

Saturday, Oct 19

  • 8pm $40 - SOLD OUT!!!

8pm Hosted by Tony Sandoval of 98.1 KISS

  • 10pm $35



For over four-decades, the Dramatics, with their rich, dazzling vocal blend has wowed audiences all over the world. With over 38 charted hits to date, the Dramatics have displayed a distinctive sound that has transcended time, music genres, and generations alike.

Founded in 1962, the original group was comprised of members of Rob Davis, Ron Banks, Larry Reed, Robert Ellington, Larry “Squirrel” Demps and Elbert Wilkins. After releasing two singles on the Wingate record label and after the departure of Ellington, the Dramatics were signed by the Sport record label in 1967, releasing their first hit single, ‘All Because of You,’ reaching No. 42 on the R&B Charts. In 1968 William “Wee Gee” Howard replaced lead singer Larry Reed and bass singer Willie Ford, formally of the Capitols replaced Rob Davis. Soon after the group began to collaborate with producer Tony Hester for what would be a string of hits that would begin to define the Dramatics' distinctive harmonies and dynamic blends of lead and background vocals.

In 1969, the Dramatics signed with the record label Volt – then a part of Stax Records out of Memphis. They re-signed in 1971, and with Hester’s production, released their first national hit, ‘Whatcha See is Whatcha Get.’ The songs reached number 3 on the R&B charts and they soon followed up with another top ten hit, ‘Get Up and Get Down.’ ‘In the Rain,’ released in 1972, proved to be their first number one single, topping the R&B charts for four weeks as well as reaching the top five on the pop charts. It was during this same year that L J. Reynolds, previously of the Chocolate Syrup, met Ron Banks at the Apollo Theater. Following the release of another hit single, ‘Hey You, Get Off My Mountain,’ William “Wee Gee” Howard and Elbert Wilkins left the group making room for new members, L.J. Reynolds and Lenny Mayes.

With the fresh addition of Reynolds’ powerful tenor and the charismatic energy and the raspy soulful, delivery of Mayes, the Dramatics' star continued to climb. What ensued was a cascade of hits and fan favorites that include the top 10 ‘Fell For You’ (A Dramatic Experience, 1973), ‘And I Panicked’ (Dramatically Yours, 1974), ‘Door To Your Heart’ (The Dells vs. The Dramatics, 1974), ‘(I'm Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes’, ‘Me And Mrs. Jones’ (The Dramatic Jackpot, 1975), ‘Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)’, ‘Come Out Of Your Thing’(Drama V, 1975), ‘Be My Girl’, ‘I Can't Get Over You’ (Joy Ride, 1976), ‘Do What You Wanna To Do’,’ Shake It Well,’ ‘Stop Your Weeping’ (Do What You Wanna To Do, 1978), ‘That's My Favorite Song’ and ‘Welcome Back Home’ (Any Time, Any Place, 1979), ‘It Ain't Rainin' (On Nobody's House But Mine)’, and ‘Be With The One You Love’ (10 1⁄2, 1980), as well as countless other great musical masterpieces.

In 1980, L.J Reynolds left the group to pursue a solo career and the group later disbanded in 1982. In 1985, Reynolds and Banks reunited with Lenny Mayes, William “Wee Gee” Howard, Larry “Squirrel” Demps and Willie Ford and recorded “Somewhere in Time (A Dramatic Reunion).” The reunion initially was not intended to be permanent, but the new album and successful tour dates were embraced by fans with such enthusiasm that the singers decided to stay together.

In 1989, they released the album “Positive State of Mind” followed by the album “Stone Cold” in 1991. In 1993, the group introduced a new generation of fans to the power of the Dramatics’ sound when they collaborated with Snoop Dogg to create the hip hop classic, ‘Doggy Dogg World.’ The recording was such a success that they got together again with Snoop in 2002 and recorded "Ball in.’' In 1999, the Dramatics released a timeless Christmas album titled, A Dramatic Christmas and in 2000 they released “If You Came Back to Me.” In 2001, the group released the Dramatics: Greatest Hits Live which was recorded in June of the same year at a concert in New Haven, Connecticut and two years later in 2002, the group released the CD, “Look Inside.” In 2010, the group released ‘Bad Girl’ on the compilation CD, “Motor City Hits Vol.1”

The Dramatics lost Lenny Mayes in 2004 and Ron Banks in 2009, yet the group continued to replenish their talent, record new hits and perform for the millions of fans, old and new who still enjoy the unmistakable Dramatics sound. Still driven by the vocals of lead singer L.J. Reynolds, The Dramatics continued to create and recreate musical magic into the 21st century.