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ANDY McKEE plus Janet Noguera - SOLD OUT!!!

January 09, 2014

Imaginative and masterful acoustic guitar virtuoso

Thursday, Jan 9

  • 8pm $31 - SOLD OUT!!!


NOTE: This show was moved from Yoshi's Oakland - contact the box office for questions 415-655-5600


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Andy McKee’s acoustic guitar can approximate the polyrhythmic interplay of a percussion ensemble, the harmonic sweep of a string section, the dazzling runs of a bluegrass doghouse bass-and-banjo duo, and virtually anything else his pastoral compositions and tasteful covers require. In 10 years and 5 records, he’s written an oeuvre that globally inspires and intrigues music fans. His robust 200 dates-a-year tour itinerary—often spanning domestic rural to the exotically remote, from Arizona to Zimbabwe and everything in between—and his fans-first commitment, make him a worldwide ambassador for a new era in acoustic virtuosity.

Andy’s imaginative and masterful approach to the instrument and his Guitar Masters tour franchise—a tour package of edgy progressives—is helping to redefine our conception of acoustic guitar. Recently he’s garnered plum exposure touring with Dream Theater (where he played to 10,000 in Mexico City) and Eric Johnson (who made a rare acoustic showing on the Guitar Masters Tour) where he’s been able to share his unique artistry with a wide and diverse audience. Fans of sophisticated holiday music had the opportunity to hear Andy on Josh Groban’s GRAMMY®-nominated, multi-platinum Christmas album, Noël.  In December 2008, Andy was awarded Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s esteemed worldwide silver medal award for his fingerstyle approach. But most fans first exposure to Andy’s guitartistry has been through his YouTube presence; the Topeka Kansas native’s 100 million cumulative YouTube views puts him in the Top 3 most viewed subjects on the site’s storied eight-year history. YouTube, and video culture in general, tends to have a shtick-based popularity where humorous and superficial images tend to attract the most attention. That a guy with just an acoustic guitar and no fancy camera work or special effects could resonate with that many people is inspiring in that it showed there is a powerful and widespread hunger for pure and progressive musicianship.  Andy McKee's website



Janet is a Mexican guitarist and composer.  She was born in Martinez, California but she was raised with a family of musicians in Mexico.  She never really picked up the guitar when she was a child, until she moved back to the United States.  She came to California in her freshman year of high school in search for better opportunities. It was there, when she picked up the guitar inspired by her brother. After three weeks, she fell in love with the guitar and knew that it was going to be her life. It was hard for her to adapt to the language and the culture, but music was the reason why she stayed strong and worked hard. Then she started playing acoustic guitar in church and watching a lot of YouTube videos to learn more. When she graduated from high school, she went to University of California, Santa Cruz to pursue a degree in music. It was there where she discovered artists such as Kaki King, Andy McKee, and fell in love with all the Candyrat Records guitar music. She was inspired by these artists to explore the fingerstyle guitar and create her own music. She composed her first tapping composition, “Sueños Lúcidos”  in 2013 and later on, she wanted to explore playing over the fret board and came up with her second composition, “Aventuras Misteriosas.” She is currently studying classical guitar and is looking forward to composing more music.

Janet Noguera on facebook