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Trance Mission

August 12, 2008




After a hiatus of more than a decade, the original line up of Trance Mission returns to the stage with Beth Custer on clarinet, trumpet & percussion; Stephen Kent on didjeridu, percussion & cello sintir; Kenneth Newby on sulings, p’iri, percussion & digital atmospheres; and John Loose on drums, percussion, and samples.

Active in the 1990's with four globally acclaimed releases on San Francisco's maverick City of Tribes label - /Trance Mission; Meanwhile...; Head Light; A Day Out of Time/ - the Bay Area's Trance Mission cut a unique groove with its Fourth World combination of virtuoso musicianship, ancient and modern instrumentation and multi-genre musical identity. Performing widely in Europe and in North America, the quartet played the sound track to a new dynamic era of global awareness where the lines between cultures became ever more nuanced.

The evening at Yoshi's on August 12 will delight Trance Mission fans and newcomers with two sets of repertoire and new pieces. Surprise special guests will also be on hand.


*Beth Custer* is known for her work with Club Foot Orchestra, Clarinet Thing, Eighty Mile Beach, and The Beth Custer Ensemble. Recent commissions include music for the dance troupes The Joe Goode Performance Group and Jo Kreiter's Flyaway Productions; new music ensemble Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, and the films Cathy Lee Crane and Melinda Stone. She received a Civitella Ranieri fellowship in Italy this summer and has been touring 'round the globe with her silent film project /My Grandmother/.
Stephen Kent* is a pioneer virtuoso on the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridu. He has collaborated with Tuvan throat singers Chirgilchin, Korean Samulnori Drummers, frame drum wizard Glen Velez, Japanese Taiko luminary Leonard Eto, Markus James & the Wassonrai, flute legend Paul Horn, Airto Moreira, multi-media group Magnetic Poets at the Torino Olympics, and vocalist Eda Maxym's band Imagination Club. Stephen spent a day opening for His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Stanford University. Other collaborations include Zap Mama, Habib Koite and Bamada, Megadrums, Omar Sosa, and Del Sol Quartet among many others.

*Kenneth Newby* is a Canadian composer, performer, media artist, and professor at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design media. His work is widely presented in concerts, festivals, and radio broadcasts throughout Canada, Asia, Europe, and the USA. These works include compositions of media performance, electro-acoustic and acoustic music; interactive computer system for live performance and installation; software tools for composition of music and animation; new composition for Javanese and Balinese gamelan ensembles; and interdisciplinary coallborations with composer and artists in various disciplines.

*John Loose* has performed on more that 35 CDs by artists as diverse as Blue Rubies, New York Ensemble for Early Music, Ira Stein, Hans Christian, Tom Valtin, Rhythm & Noise, and Peter Maunu. He is a leading expert on 7.1 high resolution audio mixing for Dolby, working with such artists as the San Francisco Symphony, Wilco, and The Killers.

"This is such deep, exploratory, soulful music...unlike anything I've ever heard. It's world music, yes, but at the same time It’s progressive, jazzy, tribal, traditional, jamming, driving, trance rhythms...I hear something new everytime..." *Dirty Linen*

"A unique Aboriginal, Native American, African and European fusion. Their rhythmic, trance-inducing music for didgeridoo, horns, drums and synthesizer makes a perfect soundtrack for inner journeys." **j. poet - Tower Pulse!* *

"While their studio efforts have always been top notch, the sort of music that Trance Mission produces tends to work much better in a live setting. Performances that crackle with energy and spirit." **Feedback Monitor* *