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Jazz Club
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February 27, 2013



  • 8:00pm - $24




Dionne has performed and recorded the likes of hip-hop, pop, soul, gospel, and modern R&B and now adds jazz to her repertoire. Born in the land of the funk, (Plainfield, New Jersey), she grew up listening to everything from P-Funk to the song styling’s of the great jazz singers, (the latter influenced by her maternal grandparents), and with all that stirring inside, it was bound to show up at some point in her musical DNA.
A certified member of the hip-hop generation by age and geography (the hardcore ghetto of East St. Louis), Russell's early aspirations in the world of rap music took precedence over the trumpet that he began playing in fourth grade. When he reached sixteen, the deadline he set for his hip-hop career to take off, his dedication to the art of jazz took shape.

When GRAMMY®-winning vocalist Dionne Farris and GRAMMY®-nominated trumpeter Russell Gunn, took the stage at the Atlanta jazz club Churchill Grounds on Oct. 12th & 13th, 2012, the assemblage of music lovers that gathered to see them didn’t exactly know what they were in store for. The redefining of Farris’s music by Gunn on her new project, Dionne Get Your Gunn: Featuring the Russell Gunn Quartet, is a complete departure from her last release, (2011) Lady Dy The Mixtape Part 1. Russell’s arrangement of Dionne’s #1 pop hit “I Know,” on DGYG is done in 5/4 time signature, which never misses a beat and neither does Farris, in her sticking of new landings for the song.
Dionne and Russell have embarked on a musical journey that will lift them higher along with inspiring those that support them.  

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