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Jazz Club
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Richard Howell Quintet - CD Release

February 22, 2010

8pm show $15 advance / $20 at-the-door



EW Wainwright, Gary Brown, Frederick Harris Destiny Muhammad

Inspirational Jazz Pop
The Richard Howell Quintet is a stellar all-star cast of artists featuring Richard Howell on saxophone and vocals, E.W. Wainwright on drums, Gary Brown on bass, Frederick Harris on piano and Destiny Muhammad on harp and vocals.  The quintet’s theme is to demonstrate the exuberant, rich cultural heritage and definitive musical elements inherent in jazz…spontaneous creativity! The core concept explores accessible melodies, grooves and a spiritual tribute to those who came before us.
They honor the old and new traditions in the music and weave the old and new into an innovative presentation of the music. They create improvised compositions at each performance. Every performance is purposely designed to be inclusive with the audience.
The audience is an essential part of the performance.
The quintet is infectious and playful. Their music can create a gateway for persons to journey through time, space and dimension. Their music awakens the senses.  Some of the audience responses include, people feel the love and connection, people feel pride to have the ancestors represented, people feel good, happy and inspired and want more.
As one observer shared, “It’s fun to watch the artists interact and be part of the creation of the music, it makes me feel good and I leave happy.”
 Our music is much like a revival touching souls with a purpose to enrich and enhance the lives of others
while paying homage to those who came before us in the spirit and essence of John Coltrane