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Yoshi's San Francisco

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Dining Reservations

Box Office:
Open Daily 12:00pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday - Thursday
5:30pm to 8:30pm

Friday & Saturday


Tuesday - Sunday
Open 5:00pm

Yoshi's San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
SF, CA 94115
Phone: 415.655.5600


Production Manager/Chief Audio Engineer:
Keith Yancsurak -

Please forward all Production Information, Stage Plots, Input lists, Back Line, and Technical specifications directly to the Production Manager.

Main Club There are excellent sight lines throughout the room and balcony. We have reserved table seating and or a dance floor depending on the particular production. Capacity is approximately 400.

Stage Dimensions: 28'W x 28'D x 30"H. There is a 4'W x 5'D Stage left wing. The stage is hardwood. The main curtain is red and center-parting. Up stage/back/side curtains are black. There is no rigging for aerial productions or backdrops.

YSF Stage Layout PDF

Load In Load in is off of Fillmore Street on the North side of the Yoshi's building. Proceed to Door # 2. There is a call button for access. Load In Door measures 40" W x 80" H. There is ramp access and elevator lift to the 30" high stage.

Parking: *Please advance artist bus, semi, trailers and or other vehicles with YSF PM.

Venue parking is limited. We will accommodate (1-2) artist's vehicles including tour buses/trailers and production vehicles. There are various parking garages on Fillmore Street.

Please do not leave anything of value in vehicles parked behind Yoshi’s. San Francisco is a major city and is subject to vehicle break-ins on a regular basis.

Dressing Rooms
There is (1) small room with mirror/makeup station and (1) large mirrored room. Both dressing rooms are private and secure and have wireless internet and a flat screen television with a stage video/direct tv feed. Both rooms share one backstage restroom. Quick Change Room located in upstage position.


FOH Mix position is approximately 45' from stage. There is a room db limit of 107db c weighted. Thank You for your cooperation.

We can accommodate visiting FOH/MON consoles for particular productions and locate MON console on stage right floor (not on stage but in clear view).

Front Of House Audio System — Flown Left-Center-Right-Subs-Stage lip audience fills configuration. The EAW speaker enclosures were custom manufactured for YSF in the following configuration: 2",7",15",18" drivers. EAW processing. Amplifiers are Lab.gruppen.

There are (3) Stage Inputs Snakes totaling 48 channels. All 48 stage channels are on isolated spits to the FOH, MONS consoles and RECORDING ROOM patch point.

FOH CONSOLE: Analog APB Dynasonic 48 channels. Eq's are parametric. High pass filters. 10 aux sends. 8 VCAS. TRS pre fader direct outs on all channels. L-R-C are summed to a master fader. Subs and front stage fills are on aux sends.

Eq: Klark Teknik Graphics. 4 Channels (Left-Right-Center-Sub)

Dynamics: Compressors BSS-4ch, Klark Teknik-16ch, Pendulum Tube-2ch. Gates: Klark Teknik-16ch

Efx: (1) Lexicon 91, (2) Yamaha SPX 990, TC D2

Monitor Audio System: EAW Micro Wedges. (8) 12" speakers, (4) 15" speakers. EAW processing. Amplifiers are Lab.gruppen. (1) Shure PSM900 IEM.

MONS CONSOLE: Analog APB Dynasonic 48 channels. Eq's are parametric. High pass filters. 10 Monitor mixes.

Eq: Klark Teknik Graphics 10 channels.

Dynamics: KT Comp/Gate 8ch. Efx: TC-M1, Lexicon.

Microphones: AKG, Electro Voice, Neumann, Beyer Dynamic, Sennheiser, Shure. Shure Wireless Microphone.

Direct Boxes: (18) Direct Boxes: (5) Radial Active, (1) Radial Passive, (4) Klark Teknik Active, (4) Whirlwind Director Passive, (4) Whirlwind IMP Passive.


Please contact PM regarding B/L availability. Fees may apply.

Drums: Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Set (Ebony) 22" 20"18" Bass Drums - 16", 14", 13", 12", 10" Toms, (2)-14" x 5.5" Snares. Yamaha hardware, snare stands and cymbal stands. Cymbals: Artist must provide.

Percussion: LP Giovanni (2) Congas, (1) Quinto, (1) Tumba. LP Giovanni Bongo. LP Tito Puente Timbale, LP Cajon, Various Blocks, Bells, Chimes, Tambourines.

Bass Amp/Speaker: Aguilar DB751 Amp with (1) 4x10" Speaker.

Guitar Amps: (1) Mesa Boogie TA30, (1) Mesa Boogie LS212, (1) Fender Deluxe Reverb, (1) Fender Twin Reverb '65, (1) Marshall DSL2000 w/ (1) 4x12" Cabinet.

Guitars: Gibson es335 Custom Shop, Fender 4 string Jazz Bass.

Piano: 2007 Steinway Hamburg D 9'. We do not remove the lid from the piano but we do use the instrument at half or full stick. Piano is tuned daily.

Keyboards: (1) Yamaha Motif ES8, (1) Korg Triton Pro, (1) Korg Trinity Pro, *1979 Fender Rhodes Suitcase Keyboard. *1959 Hammond C-3 Organ w/ Leslie 147. Please inquire with Production Manager for availability.

Misc: 15 Music stands, (6) guitar stands, (3) keyboard stands, (single/double tiered)

DJ: Equipment includes (2) Techniques 1200, (1) Rane 57 Serrato Mixer. DJ must provide own cartridges and mats.


YSF Lighting Plot PDF

40+ fixtures, ETC Revolutions, Parnels, Source Fours, Selecon Aurora 3-Way Cycs, Acclaim Fresnels, Pacific Zoom Ellipsodals, Gobos. Distance to lighting trusses over stage = 30' and accessible only by Genie lift. FOH/Balcony lighting trusses are easily accessible for placement of specials and (2) b-size gobo fixtures. Lighting Console: ETC 24/48.

We do not have a fog machine or follow spotlight. Visiting fog machines must be water based. May be able to accommodate visiting follow spots. Must be advanced with YSF PM for proper room placement.

Artist backdrops must have own trussing, frame, rigging etc. IN general, we cannot accommodate backdrops.

Video Direct composite video feeds from (3) PTZ house cameras/switcher that feed plasma screens in the green rooms, the restaurant, sake, and circle lounges.

Projection: — (2) Panasonic 3000 Lumens projector. Various screens available. Fees apply.

Audio/Video Recording — Fees apply. All Audio/Video Recording must be approved at least 7 days in advance by the Yoshi's San Francisco Production Manager Keith Yancsurak keith@yoshis.com. Direct all recording inquiries to PM for more information.

On-site truck recording interface and recording/broadcast room including Jenson transformer isolated splits of all stage inputs. CD recorder.

Misc: Shore power, ISDN lines, Clearcom, Guest Electrical Specifications-3 Phase Cam Lock. 100amp. Please inquire about Guest Audio and Lighting Electrical Specifications. T1 Lines, Wireless Network.

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