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HYIM CD Release

April 21, 2014

"Proceeds go to the Arlene Shmaeff Memorial Education Fund."

Monday, April 21
8pm $18

“...and that talented HYIM, spreading his positive music...may you be well and successful!! L'Hyim!!” - KFOG Radio “HYIM is a formidable talent…spellbinding.” - San Francisco Chronicle

"Pretty as hell. Thoroughly uplifting." - The East Bay Express “HYIM's music holds a rare gravity, and it is clear that he possesses a grand vision.” - Relix Magazine

HYIM returns to the Bay Area with his band to perform and celebrate the release of his new album, “Love Songs in Times of War (Volume 1)”--but this time in his hometown of Oakland. HYIM’s uplifting pop/rock, world-fusion music has been the vehicle for his positive vibe, but HYIM's newest album shines light on a slower, honest and more raw side of HYIM's breadth of talent. This collection of ballads is powerful and stripped down to its essentials: his passionate piano playing and his sultry voice, as heard on the two lead singles "Sing This For You" and "A Pretty Song About Death”.

Proceeds from CD sales will benefit the Arlene Shmaeff Memorial Education Fund. Arlene, HYIM’s mother, passed away in October 2013. ASMEF is dedicated to the continuation of Arlene Shmaeff’s groundbreaking work in education aimed at fostering quality public schools and high quality teaching, utilizing art and the “project approach” wherein the student is involved in creative problem solving and learning. For more information, contact Terry Kupers kupers@igc.org

While the new album “Love Songs in Times of War (Volume 1)” has elements of HYIM’s broad musical palette, this new project is a return to his roots—piano and poetry. This album has been in the making for over 10 years and has only come to light after his mother’s recent passing.

Yes, tragedy and courage in the face of adversity is something this artist has not just contemplated, but has lived. HYIM’s father, who taught HYIM how to play piano, was weeping one morning while listening to HYIM (then six years old) play and simply said, “That’s beautiful. Boy, keep playing on.” HYIM’s father was shot and killed when HYIM was ten years old. It is this tragic moment that helped inspire HYIM to create such powerful, visionary music. It is this tragedy that helped give birth to this spiritual young man. You can hear this story retold in HYIM’s new song “Fatherless Son.” HYIM has been known for his body-moving big-band performances and upbeat international flavor (if you were there for his show at the 60th Annual Stern Grove Festival performance, you know). Appropriately, HYIM has been dubbed the “Eclectic Maestro.” Born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, HYIM is a highly praised, acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, performer, poet, and activist. HYIM has been called the next generation's music "fusionisto." He has performed, studied and traveled in nearly every continent.

When you see HYIM perform, this world-traveled singer-songwriter makes mind-blowing live loops on percussion instruments (congas, shakers, beat-boxing, etc.) and on his guitar while he plays left-handed bass as well as right hand keys; on top of this bed of music he sings his songs.

Without a doubt however, it is the piano, his original passion and for which Yamaha sponsored HYIM, that is the foundation of this artist’s gift. HYIM is thrilled to play on the beautiful grand piano at Yoshi’s in Oakland.

With a look compared to a Harry Connick Jr., a voice compared to Sting and a sound akin to a next generation/new-school Peter Gabriel, Beck, Manu Chao, and Coldplay, HYIM clearly brings the uplifting vibes to the masses through recordings and his electrifying live shows.

HYIM is a healer through and through, as he holds both a Masters in Psychology doing work with youth in numerous settings (juvenile hall, foster care, addiction recovery, etc.) and is certified as a Reiki practitioner doing body and energy work on those in need.

HYIM is an Oakland treasure. He is a humble and talented gift to the world. Come see why April 21st at Oakland’s Yoshi’s.

www.hyimvibe.com www.facebook.com/HYIM.MUSIC