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April 09, 2014

Greek inspired acoustic guitar

Wednesday, April 9
8pm $15





From the moment Pavlo was born, June 29, 1969, it seems the stars would line up to fall where he might wish. Pavlo was named after his grandfather. “Pavlo” is the Greek version of the name, “Paul”, and ironically, Pavlo was born on the very day of “St. Paul”. Being of Greek heritage, this was also Pavlo’s “name day”. His family always said he was “lucky”. To make things even more interesting, St. Paul happens to be the patron saint of musicians.

Since the time the guitar topped Pavlo’s Christmas wish list at the age of five, he believed he was meant to entertain the entire world. By the age of twelve, Pavlo had composed his first song, and by thirteen, he would throw himself onstage and in front of any audience that would listen.

It was during a vacation in Santorini, Greece that a melody came to him. Pavlo picked up his guitar, and wrote the song that would spark what became Pavlo’s very own distinct style. “It was like a light came on”, he remembers. It was a song that was Greek inspired, and the melody made him happy, much like the way he felt growing up in a celebrative household. “It felt like home.” In that moment, Pavlo realized doing what he loved meant celebrating who he was.

Pavlo's album “Fantasia” went Gold in Canada, and was nominated for “Best Instrumental Album of the Year” at the 2000 Juno Awards. (Canada’s equivalent to the Grammy’s) Pavlo’s music graced many soundtrack and television shows including The Chris Issak Show, Marine Life starring Cybil Shepherd, The L Word, and more. In 2001, Pavlo was selected to perform for His Royal Highness, Prince Charles….not bad for a guitarist who was told “there is no market for this music.”

Pavlo has released seven albums over the last ten years. He has toured around the world every year consistently, playing over one hundred and fifty concerts per year.