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Jazz Club
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The Cookers

Aug 15-Aug 16, 2013

Hard-bop supergroup

Thursday, August 15
8pm $28

Friday, August 16
8pm $29 & 10pm $23

Billy Harper (Tenor Sax)
Eddie Henderson (Trumpet)
David Weiss (Trumpet)
Craig Handy (Alto Sax)
George Cables (Piano)
Cecil McBee (Bass)
Billy Hart (Drums)

Experience counts, especially in jazz. The more time musicians spend interpreting tunes and interacting with others, the more articulation an audience can expect. You can hear the fruits of such work in the expressive language The Cookers bring to their material in the studio and on the bandstand. Here’s a group of veteran improvisers approaching their current songbook with both ardor and eloquence.

Billy Harper, Cecil McBee, George Cables, Eddie Henderson and Billy Hart all came up in the heady era of the mid '60s. It was a period that found the dimensions of hard bop morphing from their original designs, and each these guys helped facilitate the process. David Weiss and Craig Handy, from a more recent generation and the youngest members of the band, are experts in this forthright lingo as well. Their feisty solos parallel those of their elders. Together, the septet throws a mighty punch.

Ultimately, it’s the sound of commitment that bursts from these tunes. When a substitute is occasionally needed, it’s somewhat hard to find the right player to blend in. The Cookers are fully bonded these days. “It’s true, it all feels really connected at this point,” agrees Weiss. “And for the most part, once you’ve got that feeling intact, you can go anywhere.”

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