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Laurie Antonioli
with the American Dreams band

February 04, 2013

Celebrating the music of Joni Mitchell

Monday, February 4
8pm $15

Matt Clark - piano
Dave MacNab - guitar
Eric Crystal - saxophone
John Shifflett
- bass
Jason Lewis - drums


Joni Mitchell has influenced countless musicians. In particular, jazz musicians have been drawn to her complex forms and unique harmonic perspective. Laurie Antonioli, known as an authentic and fiercely original jazz singer, reveals that before listening to and learning the bebop tunes of Charlie Parker, she was playing guitar and singing Joni Mitchell's music. Says Antonioli, "It’s like slipping into a warm bath -- coming home to these songs I love so much. Joni shaped my early creative life and has stayed with me throughout the years. Her vivid musical landscapes and stories are not only a part of me, but a part of my generation." The band’s arrangements add a spacious jazz flare, bringing new life to each piece. With this alchemy of depth, poetic lyricism and Antonioli's signature sound, each tune evolves like a movie, stories made of melodies, harmonies and words that provide the listener with fresh perspectives on Joni’s songs.

Considered one of the most creative vocalists in the industry, Antonioli has always stayed true to her artistic vision.  From her genre-bending Foreign Affair recording, honoring her Serbo-Croatian roots, to a distinctive homage to her homeland, American Dreams,imagined after living abroad, Laurie's path has been critically acclaimed and her style always inventive and evocative. She has been the Director of the Vocal Program at The Jazzschool in Berkeley for the last seven years and is well-known to artists and listeners alike as a much-loved voice on the Bay Area jazz scene since the 80’s. This very special evening at Yoshi’s will feature favorites such as “California,” “River” and “Hissing of Summer Lawns,” as well as some of Joni’s less well-known material.  The clip “Marcie” is from the very first “Joni” concert Laurie’s band performed.

Please join Laurie Antonioli and her extraordinary American Dreams band tonight at Yoshi’s Jack London Square for this very special celebration of Joni Mitchell’s musical artistry.

Laure Antonioli Website