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October 04, 2012

powerful instrumental jazz-funk fusion from Oakland's Latin music legacy

Thursday, October 4
8pm $10

RENE ESCOVEDO & THE FUSE is a band based out of the The East Bay. It is a powerful Instrumental band, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys & Sax. This bands influences are many and massive, the founding member and drummer René Escovedo comes from a Latin music dynasty. René has put together a great band and you can easily see how this is his love. His Band consists of great local artist from the greater east bay area. Bobby Simcox/Lead Guitar, Ben Reyes/Keyboards, Dave Hermocillo/Bass Guitar & John Douglas/Saxophone.

At the age of five years old, René started learning basic rudiments in grade school.

For the next few years René spent allot of time practicing until he was nine years old, when he then received his first jazz drum kit.

At that time René started listening and learning to play what ever music was popular at the time, most of which was what ever his Uncles where doing.

René was very fortunate to be raised in a great musical family, and growing up with his cousins. It also allowed him to be influenced by some of the greatest music of that time and also having experienced first hand some of the bands and musicians to come through the Bay Area.

René was lucky enough to see a lot of acts perform up close on the same stages he would later perform on him self. Such venues where the Greek Theater, The Fillmore and of course Yoshi's.

As a self taught musician René spent his younger years listing and learning as many styles of music as possible. Having been born into what would soon be a family full of great drummers and percussionist, René new at a very early age that drumming was in his blood and the overwhelming need to play drums was cursing through his veins.

Growing up as a drummer in the post "Billy", "Tony", Buddy", "Steve", "Peter", "Vinnie" landscape of fusion and jazz, its easy to think that everything has already been done. What could possibly top the acid jazz and progressive fusion explosion.

For the Oaktown-bred drummer, the answer is his approach based on melodic timbre, basic grooves, emotional and powerful performances.

For the next several years René did a lot of woodshedding, self learning the best ways of playing some of the hardest songs, by some of the best drummers around at the time.

He continued to work on developing the skills needed for playing more of a melodic style with a direct approach to using basic fundamentals towards any and all genres of music.

For quite some time now René has been playing much more aggressive styles of music and started exploring drums as a instrument of space dynamics and intensity.

He then grew from being a stylistic drummer, to becoming a drummer that learned how too express his musical thoughts effectively.