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Yoshi's Oakland
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Jazz Club
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Orquesta Aragon

Oct 14-Oct 16, 2011

Legendary Cuban Charanga - Open Dance Floor!

Fri, Oct 14 8pm $28 & 10pm $20
Sat, Oct 15 8pm $28 & 10pm $20
Sun, Oct 16 6pm $20 & 8pm $28

The legendary Orquesta Aragon is also known as La Madre de Charanga Cubana (The Mother of The Cuban charanga) as well as La Charanga Eterna (The Eternal Charanga). Their long and successful career began on September 30 th, 1939, in Cienfuegos, Cuba, under the leadership of Orestes Aragón. Since the creation of This legendary orchestra, they have undoubtedly secured status as the favorite Cuban band for millions of passionate music listeners who cherish the island 's most popular musical genres: Son, Danzon and the Cha Cha Cha. Simply Stated, After More Than Six Decades, Orquesta Aragon continues to be the legendary music group whose both young and old reaches music fans THROUGHOUT the World.

Now, under the direction of violinist Rafael Lay, who follows in his Father's footsteps as the leader of Orquesta Aragon, the group have maintained their signature sound. The group's top priority rests with preserving the true, original sound that became the group's trademark from inception. This has been an important factor in the continued success of the group, evidenced by their continued sold out concerts throughout all continents. When one attends an ARAGON ORCHESTRA concert today, not only will the attendee witness the purest form music from Cuba, But they will be surprised by the many generations of fans in attendance.

Today, Orquesta Aragon STI Continues to hold place as one of the Most Popular and Requested groups from Cuba, constantly touring the world and presenting itself in the largest Latin and Jazz festivals and events. In 2010, an Extensive tour THROUGHOUT the U.S. and Puerto Rico is Being Scheduled. Their very first performance is slated for July 30th in Miami, Florida. Both Anglo and Latin music fans are expected to attend their concert tour this coming summer.